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General Question About Sliders

I have been asked to add a slider to a clients site. I don’t use sliders much. I seem to recall a problem of them not working on mobile very well so we wind up turning them off. Almost 90% of this guy’s searches are on mobile so I would like to tell him that it isn’t a good idea. Just want to make sure, I appreciate any help, Thank You

The best slider on mobile is scrolling up and down with your thumb. It’s the fastest and makes the most sense. Try it.

Sounds perfect, Is this an option on Webflow or code? Thank You Webdev Community Leader

Rob you might have misunderstood me. What I was trying to say is that content that is stacked is preferred on mobile. People are used to scrolling up and down. Pushing content into a slider that goes horizontally breaks the flow and slows things down.

Great, I didn’t know that was an option. Webflow is a mighty powerful tool. Can change so much, I will create a 2 page slider and play around with it while watching Supercross, lol, Thanks Again WebDev

The default behavior of block content is to stack from top to bottom. Rather that using a slider, leverage that on mobile.

Thank you, will do, so SLIDERS SUCK since most content is consumed on mobile?
Sounds like a dev opp to me lol

Sliders are not a thing anymore in my opinion.
They used to be a massive tool back in the days, today there are much more user friendly approaches / solutions out there.

If you use sliders, pay attention to accessibility, modern UI and advanced UX, especially on mobile devices.

Good solution: glider.js
Better solution: custom