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General Advice on Supporting IE 8?

I have searched the forums and the interwebisphere and understand the numerous limitations of IE 8.

I have a site proposal I am preparing for a regional insurance agency that services small to mid-size businesses. Their current site was built in 2004 :slight_smile: They have not collected or have access to any user data on their current client base. With MS no longer supporting Windows XP, massive security holes in IE 8 and MS slated to kill IE 8 in the coming year the cost hardly seems justifiable. Any advice?

I am thinking maybe I should just redirect the poor souls trapped in XP and IE8 to their 2004 Flash site so they are not alarmed by seeing the future?? :wink:

That would probably be your best bet in terms of compatibility. You could also build a more stripped down version of your design (one that doesn’t need anything too complicated like javascript) and redirect them to that, and display a large warning bar at the top telling them to update their browser to access the full website. This way you would keep a mostly uniform design across all generations of devices and browsers. But of course, this would take more time. Just an idea! :smile:

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Thanks, @collut. Good advice.

I have a terrible choking sensation in my throat when I think of slicing and tables - ugh. I do know how crazy restrictive and backward some small IT departments can be.

I think I will price the option for a redirect to a bare bones legacy site with the essentials for those users and let the client make the call. Their horribly dated 2004 Flash site certainly isn’t being seen by users in highly restrictive environments.

Off to research a good redirect. Thanks for the reply!