GDPR Pop-up Window - Script won't load - FIXED

Hi, I know the issue is probably glaringly obvious but this is my first website build in both Webflow and at all in the past 3 years (off sick) so please be gentle with me if you see the issue!

I’ve nearly finished a clients site ready for launching hopefully tomorrow, but they’ve purchased a GDPR Privacy & Cookie Policy bit of software and asked me to add the code to add it to the website. Should be simple I know, but I just can’t get it to work and load properly. I’ve got a feeling it’s to do with my Page Load animations but I’m going round in circles. Has anyone else had any similar issues and fixes?

Here’s the project:
Project Link

View in browser:

This is the code I need to add:

<script>var eu_check = "no";var redirect_eu = "";var redirect_url = "";</script><script type="text/javascript" src="//" data-name="gdpr_include"></script><div class="gdpr_holder"></div>

I’ve tried adding it both in Custom Code Head Code and Footer Code. The only page I’ve got it to work on correctly is the Sitemap Page by turning all animations off, and it only works and displays correctly on that page in Firefox Developer Edition, not in any other browser!

UPDATE: It’s’ definitely something to do with just this website, I’ve tried the script on other Webflow sites I’ve started and it works as it should. Anyone great with figuring out Animation and script load issues?

***** FIXED: The issue was font awesome!! Hope this helps anyone else in the future! ******

Thanks for any help!

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