GDPR Cookie Compliance

Hi all, I have been trying to ensure my cookies and compliance set up is proper. I have currently a functioning cookie and consent popup and management on the home page. I copied and pasted the same modals to the other pages, but they did not work so I removed them and now have it back to only on the home page.

How can I ensure that the cookies, preferences and popups are functioning as intended on every page, and how do I know that the cookies preferences are being respected for the user to ensure my compliance?

Thanks in advance for any insight on how I should best structure this. I had to pull the cookie modals from another template itself because I was unfamiliar with the best practice of installing.

Read Only Link: Webflow - rev5

You’re using Finsweet’s Cookie Consent plugin so as long as it’s set up properly it should be working across your site. They have great documentation and even offer a debugging tool that will tell you — in plain English — if there are any issues.

I’m not sure if this is the only issue, but if you weren’t including the script on every page then you’d definitely run into issues on the other pages:

I’d recommend moving the script to your Project Settings custom code instead so that it applies to every page on the site and testing again :+1:

Thanks, I tried moving the popup and the scripts into a div and copied to every page, but while it would appear on the pages the preferences panel would not and the popup was not clickable.

Is that the right way to approach this? To copy the elements on to every page and then put the script on the project settings part? After seeing the popup not respond to clicks I wondered how the whole thing ties in together.

I’d suggest putting those elements within a Component that you can add to all your pages instead so you can edit all of the elements across the site all at one time:

If you’ve already got a Component that appears on every page (like your navigation, for example) you can add these elements within that instead and then they’ll show up everywhere the navigation is without needing to manually add the new Component to every page.

In terms of the popup not responding to clicks, it sounds like there may be an element in front of the popup div that’s blocking clicks. Without taking a closer look at the live site with the popup showing I can’t say for sure so feel free to include a link to the page with the issue and I’ll dig into the code to figure out the issue :+1:

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