GDPR compliance

I am trying to make my first and only page for a client GDPR compliant since yesterday. Currently a font “Lato” is being reloaded. I have already tried the instructions from the video Removing Google fonts for GDPR compliance - Live support hour #2 with Sean Jackson (Removing Google fonts for GDPR compliance - Live support hour #2 with Sean Jackson - YouTube). That worked too except for the one font that doesn’t seem to remove. I even copied the whole page to find out what the problem was. It turns out that the individual sections of the whole page don’t cause problems, but the navbar does. For example, if I copy these sections into an empty page, no google fonts are reloaded. As soon as I copy my navbar over, this font family is identified on the website. Strangely, it is also identified when I delete the navbar from the page. Does anyone have an idea where the problem lies? I would be very happy about any suggestions!
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Hey @Fabian_Garna, Webflow sometimes have some bugs, so try either to create another navbar element with different class and duplicate classes that are inside the navbar element, I also would recommend to make entirely a new class for text-links/text etc that would get rid of those fonts, or it might a problem from your fonts, in special if those were uploaded manually from your PC.

Hi @Fabian_Garna,

If you post your read-only link or published site URL I’d be happy to help you find out what’s happening!

Here’s how I’d approach it-

  • Create a new blank draft page
  • Drop your navbar symbol ( I’m guessing it’s in a symbol, navs usually are )
  • Right click and unwrap it so that it’s no longer a symbol. This will make navigating the code easier
  • Expand the left side element treeview
  • Select your default breakpoint, usually desktop
  • Click through each of the elements looking for Lato as the font selection

Didn’t find it?

  • Select each of your distinct menu items classes and examine the different states, e.g. current, and hover state. Keep looking for Lato

Still didn’t find it?

  • Drop a breakpoint lower and repeat the process, all the way down to mobile, and all the way up to your maximum breakpoint.
  • When you can select it, make sure to examine the mobile menu.

Webflow offers a lot of context-specific styling options, which is amazing, bit it means a lot of corners to search for a rogue bit of styling as well.

Note: I think there is an edge case here too, if I recall, where you can go to a mobile breakpoint that shows the hamburger menu, expand it, and select and item. Then switch to a desktop breakpoint which does not have the hamburger menu. At one point (and maybe still) the menu disappeared but the element was still selected. So in effect you could style something that you would never be able to see.

Hey Fabian,

One important one to check is that you haven’t still got a Google font set on some of your HTML Tags (e.g. Body (All pages), All H1 Headings etc). They’re easy ones to miss, and it may be the case that an element within your Navbar is inheriting font stylings from one of these tags (resulting in the font being loaded via Google’s servers).

But as Milan mentioned above, if you could chuck through a read-only link to your project/a link to the live site we can take a deeper look at the specifics to help you get it removed :male_detective: