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Gated content behind a form


I’m wondering if there’s a way / tutorial to hide a download page or just a landing page (with long-form content) behind a form? i.e. the only way to access the page would be to fill a form first?

I thought about creating a form on a page, upon successful form submission, it would redirect to the landingpage. However, how do i prevent access to the page without form submission?

I know I can stop google from indexing pages by including a no-follow in the header.


@iamiq - how important is it that people who have not submitted the form don’t access the download? Meaning that if someone shares the url with a friend or something is that an issue? Based on your response that could make this easy or much more complex. :slight_smile:

Hi @iamiq :wave:

I do this sort of thing, often. If you’re open to using some 3rd party tools on top of Webflow it’s fairly easy.

I have some screencasts that walk through do just this, check out this first:

:point_up_2:That’ll get you started and give you most everything that you need.

Thanks, ChrisDrit.

I’m familiar with Memberstack, I’m trying to avoid third party tools.

@sam-g It is important but not a dealbreaker. I imagine one of the solution would be as I described?

i.e. Form with a redirect to a page that has no-follow in the header to avoid Google indexing?

@iamiq - yea, there are a few ways you could do it.

  1. You could put up the form and then redirect them to that page on successful form submission
  2. You could send them to a thank you page after successful submission that tells them to check their email for the link or asset and use Zapier to email them after submission. This is a nice option because it’s easy and ensures that they have to enter a valid (somewhat at least) email address to get the content
  3. Do something that requires authentication / unique links being generated