Gaps between nav links in nav bar - appeared for no reason - has happened before on other sites

Here;s a link to my site:

If you look at the nav bar, there are tiny gaps between the nav links - about 3 or 4 pixels - there should be no gaps. The margin is set to zero on all the nav links.

It’s strange because the gaps don’t render in the designer but when published and viewed in Chrome on the live site they show. They also show in Mozilla.

This issue has occurred with other websites I’ve built in webflow also although this is the first time i’ve reported the issue.

Here’s a link to preview the site in the designer:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am not seeing the gaps you are. I noticed that there are inner shadows on the links that make it look like there is a gap.

If you remove the shadow you will notice that the red and yellow background colours touch.

Hope that helps :smile:

Hi @AlexN,

I’ve changed the links to red just to show it more clearly - I have viewed it on a couple of other computers and different browsers and its always the same.

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