Gap when i preview website

I am working on my portfolio website but anytime i preview it, there is this huge gap on around my content or design, mostly the right side. I have checked for paddings and margin values on various sections and containers and div block but they are all set to 0. so I don’t see why there is a huge gap when i preview it. the only padding value i set was for the body, which i set to 64px on the left and right. Other than that it makes no sense why there is such a huge gap when i preview it. I am so frustrated I almost want to give up on using webflow. Please help.

Below is the link to my workspace project:

hi @Bright_Baiden I’m not sure what you are talking about but you have set flex child to grow. If you change it to init value shrink all will settle in centre. Is this what do you mean?

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It is. Thank you very much.