Gap in bottom of page when using CMS Panel

When publishing my site, due to CMS, I noticed that the Safari browser leaves a gap on the footer. Will this problem be solved soon? It doesn’t do this on Chrome browser.

Hi @ladaleally, could you help to share your sites read-only link, so that this can be looked at and resolution found faster?

Also, is this happening on the home page or another page?

This is happening on all pages when using Safari browser.

Hi thanks, sorry I forgot to ask, can you give me the exact browser version and operating system you are using?

Best way to get this is to go to and copy the link that is provide and post that here. That gives anonymous browser information detail.

Here’s the browser info:

Any update with this?

Hi @ladaleally, thanks for your patience, sorry it took so long. I took a look at the site and reproduced the issue on Safari.

I would change the body to be 100% height, and that should fix the problem.

I hope this helps.

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