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Gallio Template Issue


  1. I’m using the Gallio template. I added a fixed NavBar at the top. Now, as I scroll down, certain sections of the template scroll above (over top of) the Navbar.

Any solutions?

  1. I also assume that my mobile menu (on the navbar) is currently hidden by the Brand column?

  2. Lastly; on the smaller device views (platform, etc) there appears to be a scetion break where the nav menu should be. Just want to ensure that this is ‘supposed’ to be there?

Can you please link your project’s public link so we can better assist you?

Thank You PG,

OK, I am a moron. Why did I go to school?

I had and have ‘enabled’ the public link.

Stupid question time - did you want it pasted in the body of my (this) message?

As an aside, I only need help with the ‘content scrolling over the fixed NavBar’.

Many thanks!

I’ll presume so. Site link here.

give your navbar a z-index of 10

Thanks PG!

I was just coming back to say I googled z index and figured it out; but of course you beat me to the punch. Learned more about opacity, stacking contexts, etc than I ever wanted, but it’s all good.

Many thanks for the fix and patience!!