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Gallery with CMS?


Is it possible to make a gallery with CMS so clients can add their own images through CMS?

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If your entire CMS collection is the gallery, and the CMS posts are the images, then yes. Clients add an image one by one and you display a grid of images with a dynamic list, and you have a page for each photo.

If you want clients to be able to add galleries as posts, this is more complicated, because you have to define a maximum number of possible images in the gallery: each image is a field in a post, and the collection is a collection of galleries, not images.

You can also use a service like flickr or smugmug and clients add the URL or ID of the online gallery and your CMS site embeds it in Webflow, using the custom code widget with CMS variables.

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Basically what I want to achieve is when you click on Gallery menu link a list of images e.g 20 per page, with a page feature at the bottom which my client could add their images themselves…

@PixelGeek @cyberdave

it sounds like what you’re looking for is a way to make a web app where suers have their own galleries and profiles. Kind of like Google Photos.

At this time, you cannot create a web app inside of Webflow. What you can do is add a Content Editor to your site and that account will have access to add/edit/delete content as well as images.

Hope this clears up any confusions :slight_smile:

Is there any way to have this automated? For example, visitor comes to website and wants to “join” and then create their own profile, gallery, whatever you want to call it… so they are automatically given a unique login and password.

Also can Facebook OAuth Login be incorporated into Webflow so people can “login” with their Fb account info?


Thanks for the reply, I don’t mean I want each user to have there own gallery/profile.

All I want is for when you click gallery/portfolio a list of images will appear… but I want my client to be able to add these manually? e.g 20 images per page.

Is that possible?

Had anyone managed to get this working?

Did you using @sabanna 's tutorial?

This forum thread may help:


I did try @sabanna tutorial but its not quite worked out the same;

  1. for some reason the lightbox opens straight away once I visit the page? rather then waiting waiting till I click on an image.

  2. The images seem to be going down in a straight line, rather then across the page like the tutorial.

  3. Is there another way my client can add their own images? as the only way is by created a full blog post… is there no way just to simply add the image? The CMS limits to how many posts you have which i’m afraid I’m going to hit that limit.

I’m currently doing this using CMS… completely unfinished though. They can open the image too.

Its a piece of cake for them to add content into the right category. Is this what you’re after?

Thanks, yea something like that. I just need some sort of gallery by using the cms feature without using all of the allocated collections.

How many collections are you aiming to create for a photography website?

Something like that gallery I’ve done could be created with one collection and easily managed.

You could create the drop down menu for your client to select category when they add the picture and filter the dynamic list content on each page accordingly, that way they can’t put anything in the wrong place.

I don’t see they’d get anywhere near the limit of items per collection.



I’m not sure how many collection it would use.basically my client just wants a list of images to be shown on a page to show off there photography work.

I did try ask them about spliting them up into groups but they wasn’t keen on that idea

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