Gallery copying/cloning issue

Hey All, I’ve been having an issue where I try to copy a gallery (a grid with divs set to hide overflow and a lightbox inside the div) from a previous site or even on the same page and when I replace the images they either don’t show, or it shows the original photos I replaced. No matter what I do I cannot fix this and end up having to rebuild every gallery even though it should be a simple copy and paste and replace the images. I’ve found this issue confirmed here in the forums, just wondering if webflow have done anything to fix this issue or if I’m missing something? I am a webflow noob.

I’ve been using webflow for just under 1 year now at a small design agency. We mostly do brand design for small to medium sized companies and there is a lot of overlap (similar sections) on the websites we design. Such as a gallery page. We work with tons of landscaping companies who all want a photo gallery on their website to show-off their work. I would love to be able to copy a gallery from one site to another and just be able to update the photos, but every time I have to re-build and it adds so much unnecessary time to our projects.