GA4 click triggers don't fire - at all

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we have the next stage of fundraising campaign ahead of us and would like to track the performance on our media. Especially on the website. This is the first time we use webflow…

Normally I would just setup traceable links and google analytics for the buttons that are triggering deeper engagement. But with webflow it seems somehow that all my efforts are not working.

I want to simply use google tag manager, add triggers to the buttons, page scrolls and form.
Google tag manager is executed as the pageviews are coming in. Scrolling is bugged (i think it is due to the page layout) which is also not SEO optimzed yet)
But the biggest issue is, that the click triggers don’t fire at all. Nor are the visibility triggers fired. Can you help us out?
We are getting desperate and are close to hard code each single trigger into it.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance

Here is a quick video to show what I have setup and what does not work