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GA Event Tracking Using a Global Handler

I implemented the global click handler as outlined in this post (at least I think I did):

The issue is that I’m not receiving any event data in GA. I’m sure I’m just misunderstanding something pretty straightforward in these directions. But I’m not smart enough to figure out what that is. Could anyone out there that understands this please take a look and let me know what I’m goofing?

My website is

Thanks in advance,

Hi @alfredo, I checked the site using Google Tag Assistant, and it seems the GA tracking code is communicating ok with the analytics server. There should be stats being received.

Hey @cyberdave! So I am getting tracking data but for some reason GA is not getting EVENT DATA. The only thing I can think is that I goofed on the implementation described in that article but I’ve gone thru it a couple times. As far as I can tell only one of two things seem to have a role in GA getting tracking data: 1. the global handler code that i have in my global custom code section, or 2. the custom attribute that I’ve added to each element i want to track.

I’m in the real time section of GA and while I see the active user count change when I pull up the site, there is no event data that is coming thru when I, say, fill out a form.

I need your cyber skills of yours for sure! btw, feel free to access my account if that is helpful.


Hi @alfredo, here is one thing to try:

Note: this might need to change back so save the value about to change:

Look for _gaq.push(trackParams);

and replace with: ga(‘send’, ‘event’, trackParams);

republish, try it and see if that helps.


I will try that. Just looking at it, looks spot on. Will confirm later.

Muchas gracias amigo


Just tried that. Didn’t work. :frowning:

Pls lemme know if it looks like I made the change correctly on your end.

Muchas gracias amigo

Im having the same problem