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FYI - Strange UI Behavior

Just FYI - This is a non-reproducible issue.

It went away by closing and reopening the project.

I have a DIV… 0 bottom padding + 0 bottom margin.

I changed bottom padding from 0 to 10

  • and the DIV changed the bottom margin to 50
  • but left the bottom padding at 0.

I did not get a screen shot of this :frowning:

I tried several times to set this value… with the same result every time.

I exited the project with 0 for bottom and 0 for bottom margin.

I did not get a screen shot here either :frowning: !!!

I reopened the project and noticed

  • bottom padding was 0
  • and bottom margin was 50.

Finally, I thought of getting a screen shot.

No method to reproduce this error.

The issues started - when I had this specific DIV inside another DIV (with a bottom margin of 50).

I moved this specific DIV out of the parent DIV… into a CONTAINER

  • and it transferred the bottom margin of the parent DIV to this specific DIV
  • and refused to display the bottom margin value in the UI… for this specific DIV.