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Functions like this possible in Webflow?

Hey Guys,

i would like to move my Project from Wordpress to Webflow, cause i really love it!!

My Website is a “Car-Purchase-Service” in Germany.

  1. So the Clients are adding their Cars in 3 Steps for Price Valuation. (Informations: Which Car, Contact)
  2. Our Staff can see and edit the added cars in the Backend.

Is this Possible in Webflow? Do you have an Idea?

Best Regards

Dynamic form fields from CMS? Would need some custom code, but it’s doable.

Ok, thanks. So i need to hire a Coder, okay.

But what about a Backend for our Staff? They need to login an edit the Cars…?! :thinking:

Webflow CMS has an editor interface, but you’ll need CMS hosting. For more details, refer to the help center.

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