Fullwidth video on mobile with Flowplays

Hi everyone!

I managed to use Flowplay with html videos (it wansn’t an easy challenge for me).
Now I have an html embed video, with custom player, which get the video link from CMS. I’ve also add the autoplay option, inserting also the mandatory “mute” option. (stage link)

Now I have 2 issues.

  1. How can I automatically unmute the video after it autoplays?
  2. Why doesn’t the enlarge button work on mobile?

These are my last steps for finalizing my portfolio, so, please help me!

Thank you!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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By default browsers doesn’t allow to play audio unless user interacts with the video.

By the way, are you looking for an unmute button or to automatically play the sound from the video? Also, as I checked those 2 videos doesn’t audio in the first place.

And enlarge (full screen) button is working for me but the whole video is being cropped, if that is your issue then the reason is that there one style property applied to .video-player-style that is object-fit: cover you should remove it.

Thank you for your reply.
I’ve changed the object-fit in contain, which is much better. :slight_smile:

Some updates:

  • audio: some videos don’t have any. I would like to add the “unmute” button in the ones with audio.
    Do you know ho to set it, using flowplays? The attribute “f-data-video = volume button” doesn’t work. I guess it’s because I forced the mute state in the html code of the video.
  • fullwidth doesn’t work just in iPhone safari. It does work perfectly on other browsers, included osX safari and iPad safari. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
    Do you know how is it possible?