Fullscreening a YouTube video breaks sticky scroll snap animation

Hi friends! I made an account just to post here for some guidance. My website is coming together and I am very happy about the results. Unfortunately, I ran into one big problem that I can’t seem to wrap my head around. In my about page I have a sticky-scroll snap animation that snaps on to different navigation titles. Everything seems to work fine including the Spotify and Apple Music embed, as well as the lightboxes for my photos. Unfortunately, when it comes to the videos, they do not seem to work well in fullscreen. The videos can play fine and are directly embedded from the YouTube source, but when they are fullscreened, they are bugged and navigate to the previous navigation title. I’ve checked my animations as well as positions for the div blocks and still cannot figure it out. At first I thought the problem could be due to my link blocks overlapping the fullscreen button but that does not seem to be the case. Sometimes they bug out and sometimes they don’t. I’ve provided a read-only link below. To reenact the problem I am facing: navigate to the about page and play any video from the prod. ichiban or videos section. Thank you so much in advance.