Fullpage to work on Selective Sections and to stop to allow for interactions

Hello All,
I am trying to customize a template and integrate fullpage.js on selective sections.
My Work can be seen below.

I am able to make it work on the 1st three Sections. But I am having a problem with the remaining Section Four, Five & Six.

These last three sections has too many interactions. For instance, the 4th section has a 300VH long section in the template where it looks like it needs to be scrolled within the page. So when I reach to “Section Four” it stops after only one scroll and does not allow me to animate as it is performed in the original template. The toggle preview shows what it supposed to do but when I publish it, it does not perform due to the fullpage.js custom code active.

I am very new to Webflow. It looks like this problem was discussed in similar topics to enable page scroll. However, I was not able to understand how to enable to scroll function within in a certain section.

I did not understand how to include other extensions to the custom code. Is there way to stop fullpage to function at certain sections and then continue on remaining/selected sections? If this is not doable, how can I enable to scroll at a certain section and the interactions on Section 4, 5, and 6.

Any help and advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for taking a look at what I am trying to do.