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fullPage / scrollOverflow issue

hey there,
I searched the forum but found nothing about my problem – hope anyone can help me here.

I use fullpage on my website and it works so far. I have also integrated »scrolloverflow« - this works too, but I can only scroll the overflow text down, if I scroll up I cannot scroll until the beginning of the text, it jumps to the previous slide…

enclose my sharelink:

the problem can be found after the intro, if you scroll to the second section and click »references« or »about«…

all the best! claudius

come on, nobody an idea?

@claudiushog Can you share a screenshot of your “not scrollable” section?

hello, hello,
my fault sorry – i forgot that you see the problem only on the published site. enclose you find the link to the published website and a screenshot of the »not (up-)scrollable« sections.

hope anyone can help me here.
all the best! c!