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Fullpage.js + Sticky

Hello, everyone. So, here is the deal. I am trying to combine sticky animation with fullpage.js, but, obviously, it’s not working. Here is my link:

I want the first part called “div to stick” stick for all section called “long div” - in this example it’s 230 VH - when the user scrolls through 230 VH the div should stick - I use HTML embed for sticky from this video:

Then, when the section (or div in my case) ends, the sticky shouldn’t be working anymore and the fullpage.js animation should start. Only when the user visit the section called “fullpage-wrap” the fullpage.js should start. But right now, it starts from the beginning and the sticky is not actually working. You can see it on the published website:

I just want the fullpage.js to start from the place I want to - not from the begging.

Would appreciate your help. Thank you