Fullpage JS setup?

I have tried every clone-able project for fullpage and not gotten any of them to work. I purchase a license. This is the one from the developer of fullpage.

webflow project

This is the one from the Webflow livestream.

link to webflow project

So many step by steps and following them to the character (code identical) nothing?

I also read that there are steps that have to be taken to allow interactions 2.0 to work for interactions on page load and scroll into view?

I have looked at all the other posts and asking for assistance.


Hi @Brett_Combs, welcome!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the implementation. I would consider stepping up to the current version “3.05” first. It is available at CDNJS.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/fullPage.js/3.0.5/fullpage.min.css" integrity="sha256-04h4YCjSsnxj8CEs2pl8UvK165Dbt+WAmh4OrhObOCM=" crossorigin="anonymous" />

You can also remove continuousVertical from the options array when using loopTop, loopBottom since it is not compatible with those options.

Update and give it a test. I will be happy to take a peek when you have done so.

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Thanks! I try it with your cdn link in the AM.

Hey Brett!

Did you try cloning the official showcase?

If so, did you have any trouble with it? Do you think I should add something to it?

Here’s another video tutorial I made that you can check:

I am working on it now. Thanks for responding your great!

cloned the project
copied my fpjs license# from email and aded it to appropriate location (replaced {‘your license key’}
save & publish

scrolling unaffected.


Can you please share the published URL?
It of course won’t auto scroll in the edit mode :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping with this. I know you are busy.

This is the read only link

It should be snapping in preview after published, correct?

Yes. The effect will only take place after you publish it.