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Fullpage.js scrolling longer sections scrollOverflow or auto-height


I’m working with fullpage.js i’m a designer not a coder… How do I manage multiple section heights? mainly i have sections that are are longer than the viewport desktop and mobile but i can’t figure out how to enable auto-height or scrollOverflow so that i can scroll within a longer section.

i’m using the fullpage.js code from this site:

Here is my public WIP site.

The last two sections are longer than the viewport on mobile and some desktops. I’d like to disable the fullpage.js on mobile but that’s another issue. :slight_smile:


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Are you able to share your project read-only link? It would greatly help anybody trying to dig into your project and find the cause of your issue :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, it’s not something I can help with as I’ve not spent much time with fullPage.js :frowning: hopefully somebody can dive into your link and take a look for you though. I can see the issue you describe - very frustrating!