FullPage.js for horizontal slide or webflow's slider?

I’m building a site with FullPage.js and one of the things built in is horizontal scroll.

Here is a cool example of it with parallax as well.

My question is, can webflow’s slider be configured to handle this in a similar fashion along with parallax? Here is a link to documentation.

For my own curiosity, I was trying to hook up a fullpage.js slide page but wasn’t able. Curious how it’s done in webflow.

Edit: I should mention that Lazy Loading is a pretty big advantage.

"Lazy Loading

Demo fullPage.js provides a way to lazy load images, videos and audio elements so they won’t slow down the loading of your site or unnecessarily waste data transfer. When using lazy loading, all these elements will only get loaded when entering in the viewport. To enable lazy loading all you need to do is change your src attribute to data-src as shown below:"


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