Fullpage.js fade transition not working with Webflow interactions

Hi guys, hi @Alvaro_Trigo
I just purchased the fullpage.js fading extension but it not working with Webflow interactions. If I use simple full-page scroll mode it works with adding “scrollBar: true,” but with fading extension still not working.

Can you help me to figure it out, please?
This is the demo link: Copy of Mulu fullpage

I believe your issue is being answered on fullpage.js ticket system.

Hi @Alvaro_Trigo thanks for the reply. Unfortunately fullpage.js ticket system didn’t help me with my issue. They recommended to try forums and sent me this great example made by @digitalmast
fullpage-js-interactions - Webflow which is not using fading extention.

The problem is that it works for fullpage.js non-extension/basic version by adding “scrollBar: true,” this line enables Webflow interactions. But once I go with “fadingEffect: true,” Webflow interactions again not working.

Here you can see the working version without fading extension:

I’ve purchased the extension to get support as well, and as you’re also a webflow community member can you kindly help with this issue, please?

Maybe your extensions are not working with Webflow interactions. Would be great to figure it out. A lot of other people also can buy the extension and have the same problem.

@Alvaro_Trigo I got an update from your support team. Fading Effect extension + Webflow interactions don’t work together. Thanks for the info. I think would be helpful to have a notification about it on your official website.

Regards, Set

@Set_Sargsyan we’ll add a message on the fading extension page letting people know that fading effect is not compatible with scrollBar: true.

You’ll be refunded. Apologies for the inconvenience!

It’s ok, thanks for the support.