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FullPage.JS - Code Issue

Hello Guys,

Does anyone know why every time I put this piece of code to the designer to prevent FullPage.js function on mobile? :

   new fullpage('#fullpage', {
     responsiveWidth: 767

Than My NavBar stops to being fixed and the sticky Tab I have in 3rd to 6th Section stops being sticky?

Take a look at Preview In Read-Only and Actual site.

Read-Only Link:

Actual Site:

  • NavBar doesn’t follow
  • And the Tabs instaead of being sticky, are already finished at 6th section.
    Thanks for every help!!

First look at the browser console for errors. Then go back and read the documentation. Come back after fixing your implementation. Then we can possibly debug any remaining issues.

Hint: It looks like you took all the code you could find and inserted it on the page. Also avoid using Webflow navbar for fullpage nav. You should be creating your own.