Full width of image being cropped

I have an image that I want to display in full at the bottom of each page, across all devices, but try as I might (and I have spent a few hours trying to do it) I can’t get it to display all of the image. This is not to say I want the image to be full width of the page, but just be displayed in full (so with the box visible around the text).

Any thoughts on this?




Can you put the image in place so that I can see what it looks like?


The image is in the site, it’s at the bottom – it’s a box around the words ‘contemporary visual culture, well packaged’

Hi @georgeparcel,

Here’s what I’m currently seeing at the bottom;

Here’s what I assume you want (I can’t upload an image on your demo site so I had to use a solid color).

The footer section must be set to display block not inline. Then add 60px padding top and bottom if you want your background image to display properly. Also, set the bg image to cover so it doesn’t seem stretched.

Hope this helps.


Is this what you want?

Desktop Veiw

Tablet Veiw

Phone View Are you sure that you want your navigation at the bottom of the page? (red ellipse)

Take care,

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