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Full-width Menu Example

Looks like I’ve created some full width responsive menu with native Webflow tools.

See the optup:
Designer view:

There are issues bothering me. @Waldo, @PixelGeek, and other experts please share your thoughts!

Hey Ilya,

Nice work. The only thing I’d poke at, and it’s a pretty big poke, is that the dropdown bit is set to fixed, which makes it impossible to even get to the menu if I scroll down a bit first, because of the gap.

I’ve just put this together for you to have a look at:

@Joe, been away for some time. Could you please re-enable the public desiger view?

You’re right about the fixed dropdown. And I don’t know how to finagle this. Too many things biased. :slight_smile:

Your menu looks great! Could you please publish the public link again. I would appreciate it a lot!


Sorry ilya, didn’t see your message!

Here you go.