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Full width element in Collection Item?

I have a page dynamically populated with collection items. I would like to visually separate each collection item from the other, either with a full-width background color (striped effect or full-width line dividing each collection item from each other).

Problem is, I want the collection item content to have a max-width of 60rems. If I apply max-width to the individual elements (headlines and RTEs) it does what I want but once I apply this max width to more than 50% of the elements, it constrains the dividing line.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated!

Read-only link (page=Release Notes) is here and the published site is here.

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Which template page & section is it?

It’s on Release Notes page, not the Release Notes collection page. Thanks for taking a look!

So you mean under the first section - Bug Fixes.

That grey divider at the bottom? You want that to be full width of the entire screen size?

Yes exactly. I want a divider line between each collection item.

Okay, cool.

Then you would simply need to add a Div to wrap the collection, and put a blank div inside and add the bottom line. Or add the bottom line to the Div wrapper. It will repeat automatically for you.

Let me if you need help with short video. See ya.

I tried what I think you meant and…no go. I wrapped the whole Collection List Wrapper in a new div. It just puts a single divider line at the bottom of the list. And I already have a div wrapping the contents of the Collection Item. Since I’m missing something a video would be so helpful!

Oki doki, give me a few minutes I’ll get you done… Here ya go. You just need to remove the container, remove all the blue style settings from everything. You’ll only need styles set on the parent collection item & collection div. That’s it:

Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. The video was very helpful and I should be able to implement this Monday!


Sure thing. If you want I can do it for you, if you send me a message to my profile. Just give me you login, or create a temp user and I can do now. I’m working on a client’s page, so I have time; plus it’s raining in Dallas and I can’t go to the driving range today :weary::sob:

Got it working! Thanks again for your help - hope you have better driving range weather this week:)

Not a problem… ha me too… it’s normally super hot and dry. I’m like itching, scratching my neck, twitchin, peeling ankle bones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: