Full size animation

Hi, Ive got 2 questions.

firstly, how can i make the animation on the landing page loop? I have selected “loop” in the settings but it doesn’t do it!

secondly, how can i make the animation full size? on my laptop the homepage looks perfect but when i load on my desktop which is a much bigger size the animation is spaced out and doesnt have the same effect!


Many thanks!!

  1. where is the landing page? Is it in the read only link you’ve attached?
  2. Use 100vw and 100vh for the animation wrapper
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Right now you are moving the layers 100%, but you never tell it to move back again. You need to make a new interaction after the current one, that moves the layers back to position 0%. Give that interaction a duration of 0 seconds. Then you will see it loop.

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