Full Screen dropdown menu help

I’m trying to create a hamburger menu that, when clicked, opens a full-screen menu. Currently I seem to have the effect I’m looking for; however, when I load the page the menu is already open. I have to click twice to close the menu. After that, it works as it should but obviously, it’s not usable as is.

The strangest part is it was working until I tried to change the background colour of the menu box (the light grey).

Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening and what I can do about it?

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Any help is appreciated.

I’ve added a few new pages and links and now it’s random when it shows the menu at all in preview. It still always loads the page with the menu open on the published site.

Published link

Hi @saintkevin

Looks like you can just ditch your initial state interactions on the Mouse Click Trigger of menu icon for both ‘open-menu’ and ‘close-menu’. I’m guessing there’s a conflict with the initial states in your interactions and css styling of elements.

Let me know if this works for you??

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I love a simple solution! Worked a treat. Thank you so much.