Full Page Image Slider, Adjust Fill Option?

hi everyone! :wave:t2:
we’re trying to adjust the landing page for our site per the lead creative’s request.
currently, when you load the site, the landing page fades between several images that fill the entirety of the viewport.

our lead designer would like to reduce the size of those images so that you can see the entire image on mobile. I’ve tried adjusting the with to “100vw” and adjusted the individual slides to “contain” vs fill, but nothing changes (regardless of the fill type). I’m not convinced this will be desirable in practice, but I need to show the team for them to decide.

any ideas as to why the images continue to fill the entire viewport no matter what adjustments I make?
your help is appreciated! Thx!

Links to the temporarily published site & read-only site:

As there is no link to check project I will try to use my crystal ball.

hmmm…not sure why they aren’t showing up. they’re added to the post and i’ve tried to re-add them 2x by editing it.:thinking:

curious if they’ll paste here:
Links to the temporarily published site & read-only site:


it is looks awful but … here we go. :person_shrugging:

ugh. it looks as poor as I expected. thank you for the guidance ---- at least now I can show the team why we didn’t do this initially! I didn’t even think about the image controls you pointed out. :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for the help!

An option can be an image in the centre and a background black but even with this setup the middle will be too busy and empty of space around. The origin looks best in these options. At least to me. :person_shrugging: