Full Page, Full View

Allow me to rephrase the question. Thank you.

Is it possible to design/create a full page with multiple images and text that resizes while keeping its format regardless of the screen size? I want to avoid the look and feel, reformatting the text, moving the images or margins. Just like the old days of HTML, regardless of the screen size, the text and images would just get smaller as the screen size got smaller.
Hi, Does anyone know how to create a full-page layout that ALL content (header, 3 images, left, center and right justification surrounded by content) are rendered as a full-page no matter what size device?

One page, so if I view it on an iPhone 6, for example, I’ll see the whole page and if I view it on a 26-inch monitor, whole long page, no scrolling on any device to see the whole page. Just like the old days when the HTML page looked very small on a small device.

Thanks Samliew, but I don’t think so… I have rephrase the question on my original post.