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Full page and sticky - codehelp

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I’m trying to combine two codes.

A style code and a script.
The sticky code is in the -inside head tag- area. That is supposed to make the black square follow the screen down.

the script is inside the -before body tag- area and makes the window jump to next section when you scroll.
If I remove this script, the sticky works. When its there, it doesn’t.

Do I have to do anything special to the style code when I have a script code on the same page?

I appreciate all the help I can get :slight_smile:

I can’t test it because it’s a read only site and to see the results I would need to publish it, however, I was recently told that scripts should go in the footer code (on your site settings page under the custom code tab, not inside the designer). It eventually solved my problem, so there is a chance it should do the same for yours.


I moved the code to the footer code section under page settings, same as before. :confused:
I see the problem with testing the code. I guess there is no workaround for that, because I have to pay for hosting before you can clone?

Any one else knows how to solve this? Im sure there is just a small piece of code that would solve this? :slight_smile:

I think CSS sticky is not compatible with a combination of flexbox and/or fullpagejs.

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ok :confused: It works with flexbox, but then its the combination with fullpage.js. Thats to bad. I see a lot of use areas and cool stuff that can be done :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply Samliew!