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Full hight mobile navbar

Hello people

i want to create a full height navigation menu for mobile, can someone help me?
It has to be just like this.

Welcome to the community!

The default mobile navigation element in Webflow can provide a similar effect on mobile however you’re going to need to adjust it slightly so it works as shown in your example.

Do you have an active project read-only link for us to take a look at? If not, I’d recommend diving in and seeing what you can come up with on your own first and reply back if you get stuck. There are tons of great resources available in the Webflow University that may help get you started as well!

I tried a workaround - there is probably a better way but this is my suggestion: In Mobile view go to the Gear menu and Open Menu

Then adjust the padding on the menu container.

It will not be exactly as you wish… but in the right direction? :wink:

thanks for your help

but i want to replicate the menu as on the gif image