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Full-fledged E-commerce project using Webflow + MeteorJS

Hey all! I’d like to show you guys something we’ve been working on for the past couple of months:

Geardropper is a new travel start-up that allows people to get a cheap flight to anywhere in Europe, and pick-up rental gear on location. The advantage of this is that the occasional camper doesn’t need to buy expensive gear, plus the fact that you can go camping just about anywhere. :slight_smile:

We’ve built the entire front-end - including interactions - using Webflow in combination with MeteorJS. For dynamic content, we’ve created example content in Webflow and then used that to create templates inside our MeteorJS application.


  • Obviously much faster development process since we don’t need to hand-code HTML/CSS.
  • Webflow’s easy-to-use IX builder allows for start-ups to achieve much more refined UX from day one.
  • Easier to test & validate new ideas.


  • The Webflow.js needs some adjustment to smoothly work together with Meteor Core functionality.
  • Exporting your Webflow site for every small layout change can be quite a tedious task. Doesn’t really fit into developer workflow.
  • For the same reason asset management is suboptimal because you need to synchronise assets in Webflow and in your application at the same time.

Hope you guys like it:) As far as I could see not many people have taken this approach yet, so I’m curious whether it might inspire other people to let Webflow be a part of bigger projects instead of just web design projects. If you have questions, let me know!


Outstanding website! Kudos to you :thumbsup: @NvdB31

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Meteor is great, kudos for using it.

That being said, if you have Meteor chops, JS interactions should be easy for you and including the necessary libraries in the asset pipeline and using meteor-build or webpack would increase developer happiness :slight_smile:

Also GreenSock.

Might also take a look at Reaction Commerce for an open source ecommerce meteor stack.

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