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FTP/SFTP Publishing (export directly to server)

just wondering, why not use Webflow hosting for easier 2-click publishing?

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Many clients will accept your hosting with no problem. Many of them are so small, have more sites and try to find hosting as cheap as possible. You charge 10$/month, but here in czech republic you can buy decent hosting for 1$/month. Maybe it looks like 9$ dfference is not so much money, but in long span you save a lot of money.

Webflow has templates for free or for few bucks and its designed to make a site live very quickly (means cheap) and clients are looking for this. But your CMS hosting is actually too expensive for someone.

I have a friend, he has 3 non-profit sites. Maintenance is about 1$/month each, so if i tell him “go webflow hosting”, its 12x27$=324$ per year more than now. It’s pretty much for him.
f.e.:starting on 1$ (1$ = 25,5 Kč). Onebit has no cheapest prices, it´s a gold standard and very decent hosting company in czech republic.

Thatˇs the main reason we appreciate 3rd party FTP publish here.

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Hey, mate. First let me say I love your tutorials.

Same as tomasnosek, my customers have their own hostings and are cheaper than what Webflow offers.
Besides I don’t even want to be the guy that suggests moving to a different hosting.