FS-CMS Slider blocks Ecommerce cart

Hi all, I am having some issues with the FS CMS slider on an e-commerce page. It works great but when active on a page it appears to block the cart from opening on the nav - has anyone experienced this before and found a solution?

It works fine when I remove it and on all the other pages where the script isn’t in use.
I had asked on the SweetJS chat but haven’t found an answer yet so appreciate any help.

Here is the staging site: https://supremely-gourmet.webflow.io/

Hi, I have the same issue. The Finsweet CMS slider creates a conflict with the Webflow e-commerce cart. Did you try to contact the Finsweet support?

Just an update, this issue has been resolved in the new attributes system. :slight_smile:
Thanks Finsweet.