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Frustrated with integrations

I’ve been a Webflow user since the day they started and feel so frustrated with the limitations, mostly with third party integrations.

It seems like Webflow is a good tool to clone websites (only the front end) but when you need to include or have deep tasks on the back-end, all that happiness really fall apart.

Then, any time users, (like myself) need some support, people from Webflow support barely show up or reply, I understand that they’re experienced designers/developers on the Forum but Webflow support team should be more proactive in reply questions around, at least post a global message with answers regarding major topics


I’ve seen this discussion come up several times in the past.

The topic never gets enough traction.

The way you worded the 3rd paragraph (before you edited it)

  • would probably generate a more favorable response
  • than compared to this softer / more diplomatic approach.

For what I know the webflow staff is here to help us with bugs or technical issues however they try to help on other topics and if we don’t know how to do something we need to hire a developer or learn how to do it.

And yes, webflow is just a front end tool and sometimes we have to export the code because we need a feature that webflow don’t have.

Which 3rd party integrations?

When it comes things that are not supported by Webflow but still doable with extra code or whatever the support team helps out on their free time. So thats why maybe the responses are not as quick as you wanted them to be.

@NewInBoston You can see what I am trying to resolver here: Stripe Checkout

@jorn on their free time, I don’t have a free account here, if I pay, I should get some support like other services do

I’m just passing what I read about their work. Can’t remember now exactly where I read just that.

Maybe @PixelGeek can give you more info about how they can help you!

Hi @carlos94587 thank you very much for reaching out, I really appreciate your feedback.

When it comes to third party integrations we do not provide support for those as you are using a platform outside of the Webflow design tool in your site to achieve unique results to your final website build (please see our statement of support).

While I would love to provide support for third party integrations, every case is unique and can be very time consuming to understand, provide directions for and then implement, this approach is not very scalable. We would rather create or link to resources that many of our customers can use for these integrations.

Several third party apps have created integration documents to support Webflow customers. We update this listing often and are always looking for more integrations to add or list here.

Also there are several Webflow e-commerce integration approaches discussed here which you may find helpful.

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