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Front-end Webflow Developer to help with some animations / bugs in the hero section and another page on my website

I am looking for a front-end web developer who is proficient with Webflow who can help me with a few bugs / animations for the hero section and another page on a website I am creating.

You can view a read-me file of the website here:

The things I require are the following:

  • There are two collection lists that are paginated to achieve different background images and the most recent latest news. What I require is instead of the page to refresh after pressing the “Next” / “Previous” button, I require two separate animations to occur for both. For the the background images, I am probably just looking at a simple slider so the images just slide left and right across the screen and for the latest news, a simple animation to again slide left and right on the latest news heading instead of refreshing the page.
  • Keep both arrows in a static visible position instead of having them disappear when you get to the begin or end.
  • Autoplay for the background image slider to occur every 5 seconds or so
  • On this page: it is linked to a latest news collection list. Please can we have it so that it matches the wireframe image (please see attached) and goes from left to right to left to right instead of all being on the left.
  • If possible to transition through each page like how this website does it:

Please include a quote in your response for this job and a link to your previous work - I have worked with developers before and please set realistic budgets - I don’t expect something like this taking very long.

Please include the word “cookie” in your response as well so I know you have read the brief carefully.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi @Will_Griffiths,

I can help, PM sent please check.