From Business to Enterprise bandwidth & possible site transition

I’ve got a client with a site that is receiving too much traffic and using too much bandwidth for the business plan (300k users and 400GB traffic). Have tried numerous ways to optimise bandwidth reduction but sheer volume of visitors is too much anyway. The lowest required upgrade by webflow is Enterprise Lite which is $15000 per year, paid yearly. Seeing that client has not monetised yet, I’d like to know if anyone has a suggestion or an experience moving site with all CMS items to another platform like Wordpress and with a hosting method that is less expensive or can be paid monthly? Current use is around 6-10TB bandwidth and 600k users per month but this might increase over time as site has only been running for a year.

I’m of course a webflow disciple and been getting everyone I know including my own company to move many sites to webflow, so know the downsides. But in this case I also feel responsible to consider all options on behalf of the client as paying a yearly fee up front does not seem feasible at this point.

I’ve found local hosting suppliers here in South Africa that looks like they can do enterprise level hosting with up to 50TB traffic per month for 125USDpm and am happy to support them but know it might come at a cost of performance and added development and work to export and reconnect the site to another type of CMS provider.

@nicgrobler - I am available for a discussion regarding your needs. I have enterprise level hosting experience, am an expert in WordPress and other CMS offerings as well and have performed some large migrations off Webflow.

PM me if you want to schedule a meeting.

Hi @webdev I am also experiencing the same problem with my site. How can I schedule a consultation with you?

Will Webflow automatically shut down a site if the client does not upgrade? My client finds 400GB too low while 15k a year is asking too much, and I’d like to understand the risk management aspect. Specifically, in what ways Webflow will throttle a site’s performance when exceeding bandwidth and the protocols. @webdev

@drawforwards - I don’t know the answer to that. They say they will reach out to let you know but I am not aware of any documented penalties or actions they take. That is something you should reach out to them for clarification on.

We literally just ran into this issue. We launched today after months of build up and our website was shut down because we hit the 400GB limit.

Can someone from Webflow please get back to us ASAP? Thanks. Impossible to get someone on the line to recover our launch day.

@drawforwards Fiona, Webflow Support says that they will not throttle or shut down a site, but Webflow Sales has made it clear that if you’re consistently over those limits, you need to upgrade. That’s all I know at this point. Webflow also does not have any “overage” pricing for traffic or bandwidth overages the way they do for form submissions. Yes the 32x price jump is too much for most hosting clients.

I have 3 clients currently in the same situation. Our solution was to reverse proxy and edge-cache the site, which drops the traffic and bandwidth to Webflow’s origin server to less than 1% of the active site traffic. It’s very exciting as the sites are much faster too, and automatically WEBP image optimized. Pretty slick.

@Daniel_Lee A reverse proxy would solve your issue, drop me a line if you need help. I’m building a lot of these lately. For the fully optimized image solution, your monthly costs would increase by $20/mo. If you don’t care about optimized images, the monthly does not increase at all.

hi @memetican , i am running into this bandwidth problem for my webflow site now.
Anyway i can get in touch with you?

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Hello @memetican let me know how I can connect with you regarding help with a reverse proxy. Thank you!

Hi @UNCAGED , I’ll direct message you.

Hi Michael, Looking to setup a reverse proxy and need assistance. Please contact me! I send a contact form on your linked website in your bio here.