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Freeze while page scrolling

Hello everyone:

Here is the ready only link: Webflow - Nihat's Ultra-Awesome Project

I cannot fix the problem, it does not scrooll smoothly

Anyone can help me? :frowning_face:

hi @nihat your problem is caused with integrations section. When this section is hidden page scroll is smooth. You should revisit this element and all it’s children elements (they have another animations applied) to find where the problem is.

Thank you for your reply. How can I find the integrations section? is it interactions?

update: Sorry, i got wrong. Yes, i found intergrations section, but i don’t know how can i fix it, because it seems correct, nothing wrong.

hey @Stan , can you see that problem again? I couldn’t but, I literally did nothing :smiley:

hi @nihat if problem doesn’t persist feel free to close this issue

hi @Stan could you check it again? If not, I want to close it, thank you for you help :pray:t2:

hi @nihat as you can see scattering is still visible.

Ahh, i really have no idea, i changed many things but couldn’t find the problem. Is there anybody can help to fix this problem? I need to add to my domain and promote it on social media.

hi @nihat I have checked your site in Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Opera and Safari. And animation is not smooth only in Safari. If you will search internet you are not alone so if you want smooth animation in Safari you need add some custom code but you have to find what code your self and because Safari using webkit you are looking for -webkit-transform: something or so.

Hope that will help you to narrow what to look for :wink:

I think I can deny safari users because I am not a developer :slight_smile: , except that nothing is wrong, right?

hi @nihat you can publish site and find solution for Safari later. It is only CSS you are looking for so nothing hard to do :slight_smile: It can be only one line of code will that do the job.

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