Freelancer wanted - 1 page project - begin Tuesday 28th


Unfortunately I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, so I’m looking for a freelancer to take on a project that I don’t have the bandwidth for. Budget is $380, so not particularly big unfortunately, but the page is pretty short and the brief is clear.

Can’t share too much here but to give you a better understanding:

• Hero section (background image) with CTA above the fold
• Value prop + features below the fold (image + content, alternating sides)
• slider of customers + testimonials
• more features (icons + text)
• 4x pricing boxes
• footer with links

Full responsiveness is required and the client is looking for a 3 day turnaround. If you’re interested, please get in touch with examples of work.



I can do this for you and within the time frame you need.

Sending you a pm with more information.

Teresa :slight_smile:

Hello, Sent you a PM :slight_smile:


What you have described here is definitely in my wheelhouse. I would love to hear more about the project.
You can reach me on

Best Wishes,

Guys, I just want to share with you that I unfortunately was cheated by @Lund_P .
I did the job he asked me on the deadline, he did not respond and did not answer the last 4 emails I sent.

@Lund_P , do you want to explain yourself here? You want me to help you with all our conversations? Or do you just want to pay what you owe me?

I warned you what I would put this thread public, right?


Sorry to hear that. One more name to put on my list… my list of cheaters is growing rapidly as well unfortunately :pensive:


Ah I’m sorry. Very frustrating that this happens,
Hopefully it’s just a fluke and Lund will get back to you soon. I’m the future, perhaps stick to a payment term plan where you collect 40-60% upfront, and the final payment on a sepecefic date you know Is attainable, or by project completion is fine as well. I always charge 50% Upfront - 50% Upon Completion and make them sign a legally binding Esignable contract, even if the budget is as low as $380. This aligns the incentives between you (the contractor) and the client.

I actually reached out to this same potential client as well, but I demanded that the project be paid 50% upfront. I heard no response after requesting these terms. That’s when you know you’ve filtered out a client that isn’t a good fit.


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That’s why ALL new clients pay up front. It’s unfortunate for the honest people, but there are some out there who apparently have no mirrors and thus never have to look themselves in the eye.


Yeah, up front means no risk. This is much more better for co-operation and understanding.