[Freelancer found] Need Webflow freelancer to create Multi-dimensional filtering for product page with MixitUp | Need ASAP

UPDATE: Freelancer found.


We are in need of a Webflow freelancer who knows MixitUp to create Multi-dimensional filtering for our products (which is CMS content) using both sorting and filtering and showing the number of results for that query using MixitUp.

We need it on 2 pages, the Gear page and the Gear for Beginners page, with the Gear for Beginners page having ‘best’ and ‘beginner’ filters pre-checked. We also need to be able to update the UI in the future without it breaking the filtering and sorting.

We are on a tight time crunch, and need this done by EOD Monday EST.

Please email me at sophia@outwhere.co or PM me if this is something you can do and are interested in. Please include examples of sites you’ve built Multi-dimensional filtering in.

This is the Gear page (live) to give you an idea of what needs to be done.

hello Sophia,

sending you email. do check.