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Freelancer for responsive on finished project


I’m just about to finish my first portfolio website on Webflow and I need to publish it in all its glory, ideally, in the next two weeks but because I’m completely new to breakpoints and web design my current website only looks decent in desktop view, meaning I must have used wrong settings on my div blocks, images, etc.

Anyway, email me if interested and I’ll send you the website so you can give me an estimate.





Hi Dana,

I would be glad to help you with this. Sending you an email.

Teresa - Webflow Designer

Hi, Teresa!

Thank you for reaching out. I still have some things I’m working out content wise. There would be some more pop-up modul elements around the end of the portfolio where it says ‘details’ but essentially this is the way it will look:

Let me know how long and how much a project like this you think would take.



Hello Dana,
Email sent. Please check it.
Anna J