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Freebie? CMS Lightbox Alternative

Hey Guys,

It’s not much, but I’ve been trying to make a neat lightbox alternative to work with collections. which makes it quite easy for clients to add additional images to their gallery.

I know it’s not groundbreaking but I’ve seen a lot of questions about something like this. I hope this can come in handy :slight_smile:



that looks great :smiley:

I have approx. 100 collection items and each should have its own lightbox. In order to use your lightbox alternative I would need 100 collections - one for each lightbox, right? And that won’t work due to the 20 collection limit per project … :frowning:


No wait, you have 100 collection items and each should have it’s own lightbox? So in each collection you have a single image or many?

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I have 100 collection items and each one should have it’s own lightbox with multiple pictures in each lightbox.

Would that work with your solution?