Free trial scroller

Is there a “Start free trial” option that can be inserted into the website that will stay on the screen as the user scrolls up and down the website, ideally on the right-hand side but it could also be on the left-hand side?

You would need to create this yourself. Webflow doesn’t really have built in plugins like that. You can do this with a div set to fixed on the side of the screen you want it and there you can embed a link or even HTML if you want to incorporate a 3rd party embed code.

For more info on the two ways to embed your own custom code, check out the two articles below:

Hope this helps :smile:

Haha sorry I can’t write a line of code, not ver technical :wink:

As a work-around though, is it possible to simply insert one of Webflow’s “buttons” into a div set to fixed on the side of the screen?

Yes you can do that. Please go watch all of the tutorials at they will help you get a handle on this. Most of your questions will be known upon completing them.

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