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Free templates missing

I can no longer see all free templates that used to be available when creating a new site. It used to look something like this

but now I am just redirected to market place. I really miss “One”, “Two”, “Three” templates, is it no longer possible to load them?

Also “Metric” template that used to be for free is now 15$?
I really hope it’s a bug.

Bump! Would love to get an answer to this :blush:

Hi there @liouba, when you go to create a new site, you should now see a pic like shown below, and if you click on the Free section, then there should be 9 templates for you to choose from, can you try to create a new website, and let us know if you are seeing something different currently? There was a change made to the new site creation workflow, to make it easier for people to sift through the many paid templates and free templates. The Metric template it seems, is now a paid template, as you said, for $15.00 USD.

If you can check what you are seeing currently, when you go to create a new website, and check the free section, let us know if you cannot see the free templates (9 of them).


Hi @cyberdave, thanks for your answer. Well yes, I can see the 9 free templates, it’s just the old templates were my favorites and I used them all the time (the “One”, “Two”, “Three” templates), and now they are not there anymore :frowning: Several of the ones that are currently available for free have exactly the same (kind of useless) layout, and the old ones were just perfect because they were so useful and different. I would really appreciate it if you made them available again. Thanks! :blush: :sunny:

Hi, well, I understand your issue now, thanks for the update. I can check into this, to see what the status/situation of those old templates are, and will check to see what can be done. I will update after I check these out. Cheers!

Great! thank you @cyberdave ! :smiley:

Hi @liouba, I have some update for you. We are going to add in the Original three templates, and adding more Free templates on top of that, but the Metric template will remain a paid template.

Templates I am sure will also get created and updated as time goes on, our template marketplace is still new, but growing fast.

Hi @cyberdave! Ohh that’s absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much, you guys are the best! :smiley: It will save me tons of time with those original templates, so thank you again!! <3 webflow!

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Hi @cyberdave, I’ve got the same problem with the templates that had liouba: “one”, “two” and “three” are no longer available in my templates list (free or paid). How can I do to get them again? thank you very much

Hi @paolopieretto these will be added back in soon. I will check on the status of those particular templates and report back.


thank you @cyberdave, bye!