Free Copy/Paste elements + UI kits

I saw that! It’s AMAZING!! I really love it! Way to go, @DuncanHamra!


This is so awesome! I shared this internally with the Webflow team, and everyone is super excited!!! :slight_smile:


Absolutely brilliant, nice work there mate !

Hi. Do you know about any Forms-UiKit?

I can’t recall seeing a Forms only UI kit, but a number of those UI kits highlighted above have form elements - off the top of my head @Keejo Artefact project, @janlosert Cards project and one we’ve not already listed from @PiterDimitrov

I’m sure there are more!

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Here’s a new one, accordion element, from @aaronocampo.

great list. thanks!! :smiley:

Just wanted to mention @JoeMillion kind offer to create a free template for the community here:

Joe - are you thinking full site template, or along the UI kit / elements kind of thing? I know @Siton_Systems mentioned he was looking for a Forms UI kit/options.

I just wanted to highlight fellow forum moderator @aaronocampo who has been putting some subtle copy/paste elements together, which you may not have seen:

Animated Switch:



Thanks Aaron!


has anyone made a accordion like the one from Aaron but with IX2? :blush:

Hi @berot3

Let me introduce another @Aaron - and his Digital Bake components: - second one down - click to clone - that’s an accordion made with IX2 :slightly_smiling_face:


How am I just seeing this thread now!? Great resources here @StuM thanks for putting it all together and the mention! :slight_smile:

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Wow, incredible Website! I will definitely share your Website @Aaron !!!

This reminds of this this Whishlist-Idea :smiley: : Component Marketplace (Which I cannot wait for!)

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Hey @berot3 really glad you like it! Please do share it :slight_smile:

I’m also really looking forward to the component marketplace — that’ll be next level!

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Hi guys!

I’ve just published my latest “feel free to clone” project: Cards 2.0 are Symbol based Framework/UI Kit for quick design or wireframe of your next landing page project. 100 symbols/elements ready for design or hi-fidelity wireframe for any UI/UX designers or developers out there.


Link for the showcase detail:

PS: @StuM how can I make the big preview (the project detail widget) here? :smile:


I have a feeling it’s just because your profile is fairly new…

I’ll have a go:


Thanks a million for sharing this btw!


@StuM Bang! :slight_smile: Thanks man :slight_smile: The gif preview is looking dope here.

And obviously you’re welcome. Webflow is the best. I need to do some more stuff here to not be a newbie tho :smiley: haha.


Amazing work – @janlosert!!

And thank you @StuM for the project detail card!

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I cloned it and the search isn’t working.