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FoxyCart Zip Code Validation Error with iPhone Autofill

I’m getting ready to launch my first ecommerce site and I discovered an issue that may seriously affect a user’s ability to purchase products.

When in the cart on an iPhone, selecting the autofill option for the zip code returns an error: “We could not find that postal code”. This error is caused by a space being added after the zip code when using autofill—maybe the extra character is messing with the validation. Removing the space resolves the issue, but I’m worried that the user may not realize this and just not order.

I’m not sure if this problem is specific to iPhones or all mobile devices. Does anyone know of this error and is there a way to fix it? Josh, @foxy, please help!

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I think this is a @foxy issue. Josh should be able to help here.

Hi @kvdkn.
Sorry for the issue you’re experiencing. Mind emailing with details and we’ll look into it.


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